Gypsy traveller dating sites

10-Jun-2017 04:21

They think they dont pay tax, they think they are dirty, they think that they all steal and rob When really none of thats true.

Of course you will get the odd Gypsies who will just as you will get the odd regular joe bloggs doing it too..

Just like with any other community, you will find criminals, just as you will find teachers, nurses, police officers, artists and entrepreneurs.

is an inspiring documentary about the journey several Gypsies made through mainstream education to Oxbridge, whilst at the same time retaining their identity.

Artur Conka’s film looks at the decaying Roma housing block in Slovakia cut off from water, gas and electricity he grew up in.

Thirteen years ago his family left to move to London.

The animals are washed and groomed before being ridden at high speed along the 'mad mile' for the viewing of potential buyers.

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Gypsies have great family values and really are genuinely nice people who would do you a good turn before a bad turn...

The nomadic lifestyles evolved for a variety of reasons, be it cultural traditions, work that changed with the seasons or local persecution.